Friday, 7 February 2014

Welcome To My Blog

As this is my first post i thought i would start by telling you a little bit about myself so here goes
My name is Andrew and i am a self taught traditional/digital based artist who first started drawing when i was 8 years of age
i lost out on my early education so school came quite late for me,taking into account i had been in local authority care from about the age 5 as both my parents were unable to look after me.Any way there are lots of good and nice things that happened to me for example i shared 25 years of my life with an amazing woman called Jayne who i met and fell in love with whilst i was at a special college in Wales whom i then i went on to marry.But then sadly life can be so cruel as in February 2013 i lost her to breast cancer,how did i take to losing some one as special as her hard to say as i had been with her since i was 17,she was very supportive to that of both my art and photography   


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