Friday, 4 April 2014

General Ramblings

i haven't written a new post or shared new art for a while,there are so many different sites that i network on that at times i think is there really a need for me to be on all these places, any way since the sudden passing of my late wife i seemed to have adjusted to there just being me fairly well now.One thing that is taking some getting used to and that is the subject of finding employment again, the last time i properly worked was back in 1997 .Roll forward to where i am now where i am no longer in a caring role i am what one would say back on the radar of being available for work 
Seeing that all i ever done is either voluntary or temporary work i am highly skilled in areas like fine art photography,image manipulation,computer animation,graphic and web design,photo-editing     

which can be seen under skills on  my  Linkedin profile its like i  lack the experience/qualifications that employers sometimes require when applying for a job within either the graphic design or photography industry. In the past 17 years of where i was a carer to that of my late wife there was ample opportunities
where i could have ensured my skills were always up to date,for about 13 years now i have had my own business.Which if everything had gone to plan by now there would be no need for me to look for other means of employment,whether you are a mechanic,dentist,lawyer or architect it can take years of practice college courses and so on just to be able to find the right kind of job to match with what ever skills you have. Even though i am self taught i could have gone to art college and got some kind of

qualification but then ended up being asked questions like did i want to choose my art as a hobby or as a career my answer to that is i have come to far now for my art to be recognized on the basis that what i do is purely to pass the time.For 36 years i have worked hard at

developing and learning new ways of creating art i first started out back in 1978 by drawing with pencils and then gradually i moved over to using watercolor oil/chalk pastels charcoal etc etc Then in 1997 i found a new way of producing art which was with a computer down at the local library

Focusing on all these skills that i have built up over the years i am also good at using computers and have been using these now for about 17 years,the first art that i ever did digitally was with a Mac and computer mouse from there i eventually made the transition over to a PC graphic tablet and Photoshop 13 years on i still continue to create art with a graphic tablet but i am also doing graphic and web design as well.


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