Friday, 4 April 2014

Spotlight On What Its Like Being A Photographer

I have been a photographer for nearly 30 years and started to take photos at the age of 15 as i am also an artist too i combine this with my photography to create fine art images,my first camera was a 35mm the kind where you had to take the roll of film to be developed.It was then in 1999/00 that i went on to using a digital camera which happened to be a Kodak DC210 I still have the photos from it too gradually my

photography started to improve and so i moved up to a Fuji Finepix 602 which at the time i thought was a brilliant camera until i dropped it, i have images that i created with it currently on show on places like deviant art, art wanted and so on Having lived in Chelmsford now for nearly 11 years where i had hoped both me and my late wife could have built a new life together as of now i have about 11,000 photos along with images i created too,the subjects i specialize in are architectural

commercial/industrial,event,portraiture,black &white,nature,floral,wildlife and macr.If you look at the photo in this post below that was taken last year when i went with one of my late wife's brothers to a little parish village called Norton Heath which is up the road from Chelmsford.He knew i would like having a look and also so that i could take some photos of this rather quaint little church where they still use paraffin lamps like as seen in this photo i am sharing below

i will update this post with more photos 



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